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A young witch named Ying who wants to recreate her grandma’s Tom Yum soup. Unfortunately, Ying could not complete the recipe because the part of the page where the ingredient was written was torn off. Ying tries to figure out what the missing ingredient could be by throwing different types of potions into the cauldron, but she could never get the recipe quite right... That is, until she decides to try a mysterious bottle she has never seen at the back of their potion shelf.

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Who are the Photongs?

The Photong family is a Thai family of witches and warlocks who have practiced magic for hundreds of years. In a world where magic is real, anything is possible. A young girl from the family named Ying Photong soon learns this as she finds a mysterious book in her family's study. What could be in this book? And what's in the Photong's family study? Explore through the page to learn more about the Photong family!


Save the Date 

04.05.22 - Youtube & Facebook Video
Meet Ying and Grandma Aim in this video!

04.06.22 - Your Voice Matters!
Tell us your favorite Aim Thai dishes on our Facebook or Instagram pages and we will feature it in our upcoming livestream!

04.08.22 - New Story Segment  & Giveaway
Win a free prize! Check out our Facebook and Instagram on this day to learn more about our giveaway!

04.12.22 - AR Filter Release
Experience the magic yourself!

04.15.22 - Facebook Livestream
Learn more about Grandma Aim's delicious dishes!


Made with Love


Meet Ying and Grandma Aim!


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Ying is a 12-year-old girl who comes from a family of witches. Using her magic witch powers and an array of ingredients, she seeks out to recreate her grandma’s Tom Yum soup.

Ying Photong

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Grandma Aim is known for her magical homecooked Thai meals. She wants her granddaughter to be able to make her own delicious meals even when she isn’t around, so she left a book filled with recipes in the family study. The recipe book is titled “Grandma Aim’s Recipes.”

Grandma Aim

Livestream Information

04.15.22 ON FACEBOOK

Tune into the livestream to learn more about Grandma Aim's recipes!


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INSTAGRAM | aimthai.houston

Check here for updates on Ying's story! We will also be posting our AR filter here!

FACEBOOK | Aim Thai Restaurant

Check here for updates on Ying's story! We will also be hosting our livestream here!

YOUTUBE | Aim Thai Restaurant

Watch a short animation introducing Ying and Grandma Aim on our channel!

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